Step 1. Decide which hand is your “draw” hand, usually, this is your dominant hand. If it's left hand, mount the circular handlebar mount on the left side of the stem. Mount on the right side of the stem if right handed. (3mm hex)

Mount as close to the stem as you can without touching the stem. The handlebar mount should sit level to ground or just slightly turned upward. If it's pointed too far down the holster could hit the top of the frame if the handlebars are twisted all the way around.  


                                                        Right Handed 



                                                          Left Handed


Step 2. 

If right-handed, the holster will come already set up. The top mount is offset to allow the holster to sit centered on the handlebars. If this needs to be adjusted for your bike, use a 3mm hex to loosen and reattach as necessary.

If left-handed, remove top mount plate and rotate the holster 180 degrees so the trigger guard will be on the right side. Reattach the top plate on the center-left holes.                                   


                                                      Right Handed                                              


                                                        Left Handed   


Step 3. 

Depending on the brand of your bear spray the foot piece may need to be adjusted inward. Using a 2.5mm hex, loosen hardware, slide the foot in all the way and retighten.

A gap with older shorter bottle



Foot adjusted inward for shorter style bottle