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Bear Spray Bike Mount

Bear Spray Bike Mount

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Made in Montana where we know bears! Our designers are avid adventurists in the most dense bear population in the lower 48. This product was created to fill the need for being as safe as we can while riding amongst wild animals. Feel more at ease while blasting around blind corners with the spray right in front of you.  Designed with convenience and speed in mind this is the only bear spray holster that mounts to your handlebars.

How to measure handlebar diameter


Aircraft grade 6061 aluminum alloy



with bear spray 588g

Install Instructions

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Key Features

- Works with 31.8mm and 35mm handle bars

-Can be installed on the handlebar or the water bottle mount holes on the frame

- Quick release allows for easy removal of holster when not in bear country

-Trigger guard adds extra safety from accidental discharges

- Always in eyesight, know your bear spray is there

-Configurable for a right or left handed person to draw the bear spray with their dominant hand.

-Uses 8oz bear spray canisters

  • Replacement Parts

    We all take spills on the trail. If you survived but a piece of your holster did not, please contact us with a description of which piece needs to be replaced.